3 Benefits of using a microdesk

3 Benefits of using a microdesk

If you frequently work in an office or at a computer you may have heard of or seen a microdesk. This is a small, portable workspace that can be brought with you anytime anywhere. But there is so much more to a microdesk than just its portable nature. What else can the microdesk bring to the table, so to speak? There are plenty of pros to having a microdesk for your workplace and they may not be so apparent just by looking at it.


1. Posture

3 Benefits of using a microdesk

The first benefit of having a microdesk over its traditional counterpart is that it assists with adjusting your posture. Rather than having you hunched over your current desk, the microdesk forces you to sit straighter and have your spine in alignment while you are working on your computer. You will certainly feel the difference over time, but in the meantime it will lessen the stress on your back and possibly relieve some pain that you may be experiencing with your current office set up. Who knew that simple addition to your desk could have such a positive impact.


2. Increased space efficiency


This probably goes without saying, but limiting your space to what you can fit in and around your microdesk has a great effect on your concept of space efficiency. You can work around the space that you have just on your microdesk, or leave a setting free on your desk to place the microdesk. The possibilities are endless with what you can do. Take a minimalistic approach and tone down the number of items that you keep at your desk, concentrate on the things that you need rather than pieces to fill up space. This will help you to assess what is important for your workspace. There is no need to hold on to useless items that you have accumulated at your desk and this is a great way to do so.


3. A plus for your hot desk in a shared office setting

3 Benefits of using a microdesk

In a shared office setting, it is hard to get your own space to work. You are not always going to be working as part of a team, so why always share a space with your coworkers? A microdesk can solve this problem in an instant. Now you have your little place that has everything that you need to complete the projects at hand, there is nothing to stand in your way. Struggling to share desk space as well as everything else in the office is a common occurrence in this day and age, so the option of a microdesk can be very appealing. Many find that it is the perfect solution for their office space woes.


If this sounds like something that could make your work life easier and more efficient then a microdesk might be your new best friend, metaphorically speaking. The small, portable piece of furniture can be a lifesaver when it comes to shared office space and the bad posture that follows the extended use of a traditional desk.

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