5 Ways to Preserve Your Roller Shutters

Every homeowner wants to keep his property extra safe and secure whether it is from bad people or harsh weather conditions. One way to add extra protection to your home is by installing roller shutters. They can be used on various purposes such as a garage door, outer door for an entryway, and even on windows to keep them more secure. Roller shutters are strong and durable; making them resistant to almost any kind of intrusion. However, they also need proper care and maintenance to make them last long. Here are some ways on how to preserve your home’s roller shutters.

Check it Regularly

Regular checks should be done on your roller shutters to detect early signs of wear or damage. You can do this every week or two. Check for signs or wear, forced entry, dents, or issues with the mechanism itself. Roller shutters are prone to regular wear and tear especially when it is used more often. If you noticed any damage or issue, contact your trusted roller shutter repairs Perth to fix it and prevent it from getting worse.

Operate Carefully

Just like appliances or any other thing, operating the roller shutter with care makes it last longer. For instance, if you have a manual shutter, roll it gently making sure that it doesn’t slam into the ground. Aside from creating dents, it can also make screws and other parts to loosen up. Be sure to check the vicinity especially below the shutter and remove stuffs that could obstruct its functional area.

Clean Regularly

Roller shutters are prone to dirt build-up since they are used outdoors. When this happens, its proper functioning is affected making it roll slower, rough or even fail to close properly. Regular cleaning is an easy way to prevent this from happening. Never use abrasive cleaners on the shutters because they can damage the surface.

To clear ventilation holes, brush it and wipe down the surfaces with soapy wet cloth to remove grime and dust. Be sure to dry it up after washing to avoid rust from forming on the tracks. The recommended schedule for cleaning shutters is every 3 months but you can do more often if you notice it builds up dirt more quickly.

Grease the Mechanisms

To keep the shutters functioning at their best, be sure to grease the bearings and mechanism at least once a year. Regular greasing prevents rust from forming and makes the shutter easier and smoother to operate. The smoother it rolls, the lesser prone it is to damage and wear.

Polish Regularly

Polishing your roller shutters keeps them looking shiny just like new. If there are scratches or blemishes on the shutter’s surface, simply polish it with methylated spirits to cover up the damage. It doesn’t affect the paintwork so you don’t have to worry about unevenness in color.

Roller shutters are a perfect addition to keep your home more secure and safe. Make your investment last long with proper care and maintenance of your roller shutters.

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