Everything You Need to Know about Using a Tractor Auger

An earth drill or auger might not be one of the equipments that you frequently use in your home projects. However, they sure come in handy during times when you need to dig holes. Manual augers are commonly used by people when doing construction projects in their yard. Although an earth auger makes digging holes easy, handheld earth drills still require so much effort to use.

This is when a tractor auger comes in handy. The drill bit is attached and powered by a tractor, making drilling holes faster and more convenient than the manual ones. It requires skill and practice in order to properly operate a tractor auger and get perfect holes. Here are the basic steps on how to use a tractor auger for your projects.

Call Before Starting to Dig

In some places, it is a law to call the government and other companies before starting to dig around your property. Since you’ll be digging deep holes with a tractor auger, it is important that you know the crucial parts such as gas and power lines to avoid hitting them as you go.

When it’s already clear where it’s safe to dig, you can now start marking the spots where you’ll dig. This can save you a lot of time since you already know exactly where to start your work. There are also lesser errors when you have marked the spots where you need to dig.

Moving it Around

Before moving your tractor auger, be sure that the PTO is attached securely to the tractor. Lift the auger high enough that it surely won’t touch the ground when you move it. Slowly move it towards the marked area where you’ll be digging and lower it down just enough that it touches the ground. Be sure to position the auger bit into a straight 90-degree angle before starting to drill. Choose only high-quality auger bit just like products from Auger Torque to be assured of durability.

Start Digging

When you’ve already positioned the auger properly, engage it, and start to increase the speed to that the auger bit starts to penetrate the ground. Just continue drilling until you get the desired depth needed for your construction project.

Clear it from Debris

After achieving the desired depth, raise and lower the auger a few times to remove excess dirt from the hole. Slowly move into the next hole and continue digging. Normally, holes that are dug by tractor auger are not totally clean. You’ll need to manually clear it from debris and dirt that have fallen back into the hole before using it.

When you’re done, don’t forget to clean the auger bit by removing all the dirt stuck in it and drying it properly after use. Also, store it in a well-ventilated area to keep it dry and away from rust. Once you know these basic steps in operating a tractor auger, your home projects will surely be easier especially those that involve a lot of digging.

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