Get Your Car Checked: Checklist of Auto Services You Need to Know

For those who are new car owners or does not have any background knowledge when it comes to vehicle maintenance, caring for it is an overwhelming task. There is a lot to check and missing out on part of it is risky. It might lead to accidents. It is also costly since a neglected component could end up destroying and or damaging the other parts of your vehicle.

If you have no idea what auto services you need to avail, visit your trusty mechanic and ask for an extensive and thorough inspection of your vehicle and request for the basic services to ensure your safety and the durability of your vehicle.

Change Oil

One of the most basic and common auto services that vehicle owners frequently avail. Changing the motor oil would ensure that the car’s engine is properly lubricated. If your car is not lubricated, the engine would not run smoothly. Changing oil is a routine service that car owners should pay for after driving a certain number of miles. In the beginning, vehicles need to undergo a change oil after 3,000 miles. But now, cars could go until 10,000 miles before requiring a change oil. For you to be sure, check your car’s manufacturer to know the exact number of miles your car could go before the need for a change oil.

Wheel Maintenance

When it comes to checking your vehicle’s wheels, you must see if the tread has already undergone extensive wear and tear and perhaps it is already in need of a replacement. Checking the wheel alignment is also a part of canning vale auto service. Tire pressure and tread depth are also part of wheel maintenance and included in the mechanic’s inspection.

Brake System

Checking the brake system is of course one of the most essential auto services that you must secure. When it comes to inspecting your brake system, the mechanic or technician would check your brake pads and brake fluid. Proper maintenance of your brakes would avoid any scary incident of you skidding or accelerating with the possibility of running over someone or hitting something.

Cooling System

If your car’s cooling system is busted, you are not the only one who would feel hot. Even your car’s engine would overheat and would cause failure. The heating system works the same way during the colder season. If they are not working to keep you cool or warm, the same thing happens to your engine and would not be able to run efficiently (or not at all).

Transmission and Exhaust System

Checking your transmission and exhaust system service should also be taken into consideration when getting your car checked or serviced for other reasons since disregard for maintenance and tune up for transmission issues are time consuming to fix and pricey while issues with the exhaust system are dangerous for you and your passengers.

Daily and routine maintenance of your vehicle will save you money and headache in the future. Get your car checked especially before long drives to guarantee your safety.

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