How do You Use a Rebar Bender Safely?

If you recently bought a rebar bender, you made a great purchase. That being said, using it is not easy. There is a range of things you have to keep in mind before you get to work. In this article, we’ll be running through them, so read ahead.

Have Proper Footing

Rebar benders are powerful machines. They clamp and bend the metal with a lot of force which is why you need to have proper footing when holding the device. If you don’t, you’re going to lose your grip which would not only cause the bender to bend the steel wrong, but it could also pull your hands in and wreak havoc.

To ensure you have proper footing, you should wear thick, rubber shoes. This would allow you to place your feet firmly to the ground, almost giving you a suction cup like effect.

Warm the Rebar Bender Up

You could use it the moment you plug it in. Although true, even if it’s a custom rebar bending machine or not, you should let it warm up. By letting it warm up, you allow the rebar bender to tackle the steel with as little friction interfering as possible. This lets you get some pretty smooth bending which is what you want for your projects.

Most importantly, having it warmed up would allow it to bend the steel easily which would avoid a range of unexpected situations.

If you’re wondering for how long you should let it warm up, this depends on the type of rebar bender you have. If you’ve kept it on and it’s warm to the touch, it should be good to go.

How are You Placing the Bar?

To stay safe, you need to place the bar on the cutting/bending block carefully. It should lay flat at a right angle. If it’s at any other angle, the rebar bender could propel the bar out of the block. If it hits you, you could hurt yourself greatly as it was flung at tremendous speeds.

In terms of what angle, you’ll have to place the bar in, this depends on your user manual. You should read your manual as carefully as possible as it would allow you to avoid such a situation. What’s more, the manual would tell you if there are any other things you have to make sure of when adding the bar into the block- so, make note.

You Need to be Trained

You can’t just use a rebar bender. You need to be trained as the machine is pretty heavy duty. If you searched up a few tutorial or resources online, you’ll be able to help yourself. That being said, you won’t be as trained as if you were to have a professional guide you in person.

Sometimes, there are courses that provide training so you’ll be educated and earn a qualification as well.

Considering everything discussed, it’s easy to see there is a range of ways you could hurt yourself when using a rebar bender. This is why you should heed our points as they’ll keep you the safest.

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