How to keep your lawn healthy?

how to keep your lawn green

Are you adding a flood of chemicals to your lawn to keep it healthy? Well, in that case, you’d hardly be able to achieve your expectations. The right way to keep your lawn healthy is to mow it regularly and add fertilizers at the right time. Thus, your lawn will stay safe from drought, weeds, and disease. In this article, we’ll describe a few important tips about keeping your lawn healthy.

how to keep your lawn green

We understand that a healthy lawn can send a great impression to the passersby. So, here are a few tips you can follow if you want to keep your lawn healthy throughout the year.


Mow high


A mistake that many homeowners make is that they do not let the grass grow and they cut it after every 10-15 days. It’s definitely not the right way of growing a healthy lawn. In fact, it will regularly damage the growth of the grass. The right way to improve the grass’s health is to cut it when it reaches the height of 6 to 8 centimeters. It promotes the growth of grass while discouraging the insect pests. Moreover, it’s also important for weed prevention.


The experienced mowers like Jims Mowing can take care of such kind of projects if you aren’t really good at mowing the grass.


Water Deeply

how to keep your lawn green

The way you water the plants plays an important role in the growth of deep roots. There is no need to water the plants daily as it can damage the grass. But whenever you water the plants, it should be applied at a height of 2.5 centimeters. Sometimes, it can be difficult to measure the water level. So, you must keep a pot in your lawn for this purpose. Thus, you won’t be applying excessive water to the plants.


Aerate the lawn


Aerating the soil is also very important for the health of the lawn. There are a number of tools that can be used in this regard. Thus, the plant roots will find access to air, water, and nutrients.


Check it regularly

how to keep your lawn green

The regular checks are really important to detect the pests and other problems in the lawn. Thus, you’d be able to take immediate action to avoid these problems. Usually, people consider checking the grass every weekend. But you can set a proper routine based on your preferences.

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