Characteristics of appealing play areas for children

Whether it was a school or some sort of a public park, the significance of the play areas is quite high. After all, childhood is supposed to be fun and playful. As a parent, there are some fundamental characteristics that they can feel enough to be reassured of the children’s safety.

Thus, if you’re a service provider, it is high time you check whether your play area possesses these qualities.

Favorable horizontal and vertical spans

The strength of the bones of a child in comparison to that of an adult is quite low. That basically means they can crack easier. Hence, equipment with higher vertical spans is never a good idea. In the same way, the horizontal span shouldn’t be too long which would make them feel too tired too quickly. If you aren’t sure of the dimensions, it would be better to do a quick measuring.

Easier to observe fully

Children sometimes cannot understand the severity of damage when they see one. This is why the play area should be designed in a way so that the entire area can be observed at once.

The absolutely safe ground material

If you could check your knee and your elbow right now, there’s no doubt that you’d see scars from your childhood. And this activeness is what doesn’t change in children no matter how advanced we are technological. In fact, modern parents want children to have a more natural childhood. Thus, since they won’t be there to catch them when they fall, there should be the right type of ground.

Dusty and gravel-like grounds must be ruled out by default. Then comes the option of natural or artificial grass. Although artificial grass is slightly better, it is nowhere close to rubber playground surfacing solutions. Being available in several colors, the special seasoning of the rubber ensures optimal friction even during rains to ensure that the children do not end up with fatal damages even in the worst-case scenario.

But all of this depends on the choice of the service provider. If the company offers EPDM and TPV rubber solutions by default, it’s a telltale sign of the best quality. Hence, your school, daycare facility, or even the municipal council will be making a worthy investment when you choose options like these.

The ideal placement of the playing equipment

The last thing you want happening is a child flying off from a swing and landing on a seesaw. Poor placement of playing equipment is as dangerous and unfavorable dimensions. Thus, the administration should ensure that the placement of each piece of playing equipment is in mutual harmony to increase safety in case of an unexpected situation.

Protective boundary fences

When a mere boundary fence marks the end of the land, a protective boundary fence acts both as a boundary and also a location where children are safely held back. There are some rubber-based products that can be used to cover metallic pipes, and then there are far more advanced solutions; the choice is yours.

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