Different Bathroom Layout Options for Your Next Renovation

Renovating a bathroom can take so much time and money even if it is a smaller space compared to other areas in your home. Bathrooms have a lot of amenities and all of these need to be considered when remodelling or renovating.

With lesser space than other areas at home, you’ll be more challenged on how to plan everything so you could do more even with just little space to work on. If you’re planning to upgrade your bathroom, here are some of the layouts to choose from so you can make an efficient renovation plan.

Full Bathroom

A full bathroom has all the complete amenities – from the toilet, tub or shower, sink, and vanity. Usually, full bathrooms are used as the primary bathroom because of its complete amenities but it can also be assigned as any other type of bathroom.

You’ll need to plan your space wisely if you’re planning to have a full bathroom to fit in all the essential amenities in it. Since it would also be used more frequently than other bathrooms, you need to use more durable materials and fixtures in it such as waterproof floors, walls, and durable fixtures. Don’t forget to make ample space for bathroom storage to keep the space organized.

Half Bathroom

Unlike a full bathroom, half bathrooms are used as an extra private space for bigger homes. It only has a sink, toilet, and doesn’t have a bathtub or shower making it a lot different from a full bathroom. You can already have a half bathroom even with just little space because of its limited amenities to offer.

Since a half bathroom is just a secondary bathroom, you don’t need to rush the renovation which helps you cut down on the cost. If you want to transform a small space in your home and make it into a half bathroom, look for bathroom renovations in Windsor offered by a professional renovation company for efficient and fast work.

Guest Bathroom

A guest bathroom is similar to a full bathroom in terms of amenities but is less frequently used than a primary bathroom. Since guest bathrooms are only used occasionally – when there are guests – you don’t need to use heavy duty materials and fixtures in it which could help you save up on renovation cost. Aside from that, you can take your time in renovating it since it is just a secondary bathroom.

To make your guest bathroom friendly to all kinds of guests such as kids and elderly, you could install extra features such as lower counters, non-slip flooring, grab bars, and many more. Your guests will truly appreciate walking in to a complete bathroom that could cater to what they need as of the moment.

Those are the most common bathroom types used in households. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, you could refer to those types and pick one that you want or need in your home. With better planning, you could create the perfect bathroom needed in your home.