Factors to Consider When Hiring A Building Inspector

If you’re on the market in search for a new home or building, one of the things that will come across your mind is getting a pre-purchase inspection. This step is important to make sure that you’re investing on the right property that is worth the price. Aside from that, a thorough building inspection also helps protect the buyer from hidden building issues and unforeseen costs.

A building inspection is not that costly but gives the buyer great advantage in choosing the right property. With so many building inspections companies out there, choosing the right one for your needs can be a daunting task. To make it easier, here are some important factors to consider when hiring a building inspector Pooraka.

Qualifications and Expertise

Picking a qualified inspector over unqualified ones seems an obvious task. However, in some parts of South Australia, the qualifications in being a building inspector is not that defined. To avoid unqualified ones, be sure to ask the inspector about his expertise, experience and how long has he been in that business.

This will give you a hint whether they know what they’re doing or not. Usually, building inspectors are licensed builders, architects and surveyors. They know all the twists and turns of good building construction, giving them an advantage while doing the inspection. You can ask for their license number to confirm their credibility.


Be sure to hire an inspector that specializes in the type of inspection that you need. For instance, if you want to check the property for termites and other pests, you need to hire a pest inspector and not a building inspector. If you’re planning to buy a new property, a pre-purchase inspector is what you need.

Offers Follow-Up Support

A good building inspector offers follow up support for their clients after giving in the inspection report. After the inspection process, the inspector will explain everything that is stated in the report to be sure that their clients are fully aware of the information in it. This helps the client a lot in making the decision whether to continue with the purchase or not.


Just like other services, another important thing to consider when choosing building inspection companies is their insurance. They should be adequately insured in terms of professional indemnity and public liability to be sure that all the damages that incur during the process are covered by their insurance policy, keeping their clients safe when it comes to legal matters.

Allows the Client to Be Around

One warning sign of an inexperienced inspector is they don’t allow their clients to be around during inspections. A good inspector needs time alone to perform thorough check and then invites their client during the last minutes of the process to discuss and clarify things.

When planning a pre-purchase building inspection, choosing the best inspector is the key to be sure that you’ll get the full detail about the building and avoid surprise issues and defects.

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