Importing Cars from Japan: Here’s What You Need to Do

Car owners and car enthusiasts could testify to the reliability of Japanese cars and since these cars are now mainstream, a lot of people are now interested in these vehicles. You might have considered purchasing one yourself and perhaps you want one that is directly imported from Japan. If this is the case, prepare for what’s ahead by reading the below.

First, ask around

You might be surprised that since Japanese cars have been really popular that you might not even need to import since there are local shops that might already have the model that you have your eyes on. If there are no models available locally, you at least would have an idea how much you need to pay plus import fees.

You have to remember though that import fees might be significantly pricey depending on where on the globe you are. The farther you are from Japan, the more expensive the import fee would be. So, if your budget has not included an import fee, check your local market since the probability of a supplier selling a Japanese car is very likely and you only have to spend on the price of the car itself.

Second, research about import requirements

Import requirements like import fees vary from country to country and there are restrictions that you need to be aware of. Typical restrictions include the vehicle’s age, model, specifications and configuration. If you don’t want to deal with all the requirements and restrictions, there are suppliers that specialize in importing cars. Performance Heaven will get you a car from Japan and you would not have to worry about a thing.

Choose a supplier that is credible and has been importing cars from Japan for a long time for your peace of mind. Suppliers that deal with selling spare parts should also be a consideration so when your vehicle’s parts need replacing so you would not have to look for a new one to supply you with the needed parts.

Third, research the Japanese market

Researching the Japanese market would tell you the price of the vehicle that you want, and whether you could even buy it brand new or second hand. Currencies and exchange rates fluctuate so you also have to factor this in. And if you bought a second-hand vehicle, there might be other fees that you need to shoulder such as safety check and touch up repairs or services.

Fourth, find a Japanese exporter

If you did not find a supplier from your home country, you could find a Japanese exporter yourself. There are two types of transactions for exporters, the Business to Consumer or Business to Business export. If this would be something that you would be interested to do as a trade, you could check Business to Business export and avail of the benefits.

After securing and doing these four major steps, the only remaining stages you have to do is to set up the purchase and wait for the exporter to ship your vehicle.

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