Knowing Corporate Gifting & Promotional Products

In business, branding is the driving force that reminds your customers to remember you and turn to you regularly and whenever they feel a need for your products and categories. Corporate Gifting of Promotional Products is a way of branding that involves giving freebies to your regular and loyal customers as thanksgiving and for brand remembrance. The Promotional Products that you offer freebies bearing your brand name will keep them reminded of your business and brand, and will create a sense of reciprocity towards your brand. The more freebies you give out, the more your brand will be remembered. There are a whole lot of gift items to choose from and wrap up to offer as giveaways. Popular among them are Pens, Mugs & Cups, T-Shirts, Calendars, Bags, Eco-friendly Products, Promotional Stubby Coolers, etc.

Let us look at the various aspects of Corporate Gifting & Promotional Products, and understand why Promotional Products can be seriously thought of as the best choice for business give-aways.

Types of Corporate Gifts & Promotional Products

Promotional Stubby Coolers

Corporate or Business Gifts are of two types:

  1. Physical Gifts
  2. Virtual Gifts

Physical Gifts are physical gifting items that you can give or send and that can be used directly.

Virtual Gifts are online gifting solutions that your customers can realize their utility or benefit through online in the form of online advertising or bonus points in their future purchases with you. Virtual Gifts can be such things as Gift Vouchers, Discount Coupons, Cash Cards, Cash Back Vouchers, Redeemable Coupons, etc.

Both are popular in their own terms. Based on the personality of the person receiving the gifts, the receptivity varies towards these types of gifts. Gifts can also be classified based on the occasion they are gifted to customers.

They are Special Occasion, Seasonal and Generic. Special Occasion Gifts are given on anniversaries and specific events such as birthdays, wedding days, company anniversaries, etc. Seasonal Gifts are mostly given during the festival eve. Generic Gifts are given any time. For best and low cost business gifts, check the thousands of collections with Simply Merchandise.

Advantages of Promotional Products

  • Promotional Products are right in front of your customers constantly reminding them about you and prompting them to buy from you.
  • Gifts always create instant joy and remind your customers about the joyous moments of the gifting event.
  • Gifts remind your customers that you value them as privileged customers and hence have chosen them as recipients of the gifts. This makes them feel good and proud about their association with your business.
  • Your gifts tell them you are there to stay and ready to cater to their needs.

Benefits of Gifting Promotional Products

The quality of gifts and the quality of branding that you have done on the gift items creates an image for your business and brand. Repeated gifts solidify their belief and image over your brand. Gifts are basically relationship builders and as such the gifts that you have given creates and improves your relationship with your customers and creates the prospects for repeat businesses for a long term.


Gifts are the way to show that you care which eventually shows that your customers also care for you and your brand.

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