Modern Kitchen Trends That Will Always Stay

Just because it’s modern doesn’t mean it won’t stay for long. There are actually modern kitchen styles that are so timeless; they never go out of style. If you’re getting tired of looking at your old kitchen, now is the right time to consider a kitchen renovation. Make your kitchen look fresh and modern with these timeless kitchen styles.

Install Quartz Countertops

Granite countertops are commonly used among most homes. However, aside from taking more time in cleaning and maintenance, granite can also look plain and boring after a long time. Bring a modern touch into your kitchen by upgrading your granite countertops into quartz.

Aside from being easier to clean and maintain, quartz also has that stylish shimmer that instantly refreshes up the look of an old kitchen. Its colour also blends well with almost any kitchen colour scheme, making it work on almost any kitchen style you have. When changing countertops, it would be best to get a professional as this is not a DIY job.

Go for Open Layouts

Say goodbye to limited and closed kitchen layouts. Open layouts are now the modern trend in kitchen renovation and is here to stay. Free up more kitchen space by keeping furniture and storage along the walls. Avoid putting in kitchen dividers or anything that will block the open flow in the area. Open kitchen layouts are perfect if you want more working space in the kitchen and a more comfortable dining experience.

Ceiling Accents

One of the overlooked areas in almost any space at home is the ceiling. However, this area has a huge impact when it comes to your interior decor. To add some statement in your kitchen, try adding ceiling accents for more drama in the space. An accent ceiling adds more style and life in a simple looking kitchen while details such as mouldings help complement the existing style in that area.

Classic White Kitchen

Some people think it would be boring but white kitchens actually never go out of style. Use this neutral colour as the base hue in your kitchen such as the walls, ceilings and cabinets. Then, add splashes of colour into your kitchen by using a different hue for the accents such as cabinet handles, countertops, splashback, and many more. White works perfectly well with any colour, making it a versatile base for your decor.


Open Shelving

Open shelves and storage are the current trend in kitchen decor. Aside from making your kitchen look more open and spacious, it also brings in a new vibe into an outdated kitchen. If you have closed upper kitchen cabinets, you can easily transform them into open shelves by taking out the cabinet door. You can also do this by adding more open storage shelves or organizers in your kitchen to keep things in place.

Make your kitchen look modern and timeless all year round by trying out these latest and stylish kitchen renovation trends that never goes out of style.

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