Pros and Cons of Living on Campus

When you are going off to college, you need to decide whether to live on campus or outside. There are definite benefits to living on campus as it can save you money on certain aspects. And it is very convenient as well.

Many universities offer accommodation within the premises or just outside. The main benefit is the location of UQ on campus accommodation because you will be as close to the campus as can be. So there is no need to worry about how to reach the campus. You don’t need to pay for any transportation and you can simply walk to cycle to the university. You will not need to use a vehicle as there is no need to travel and you will save a lot on parking charges. You will be able to sleep in a little more as well which is something rare to have when you are a university student. You will be able to arrive on time for classes and other extracurricular activities. When you love on campus, there are many connections that you can form with your peers, seniors, new students, advisors, faculty members etc. that will stand the test of time. You will be able to form closer relationships with the faculty members and this is something that will help you academically as well because you will be able to ask for help when needed and when you are familiar with the staff members, you will not hesitate.

There are many shared facilities within campus housing buildings that allow you more exposure to the other students and this will help you with studying as well. It is easier to form study groups and it makes for a much smoother transition when you are just beginning your university life. You will be able to meet seniors and form friendships with them as well and they will help guide you in certain areas. And having a roommate can be a great support as you can learn and live together. This is something that gives rise to lifelong friendships. You will also be able to rely on them when you are having a bad day and they can be your emotional support. There is a lot of bonding that goes on when you have roommates and you can study together as well.

When living out of the campus, there are many day to day requirements that you need to look for such as laundries, places to eat, places to study etc. These facilities will be provided by the on-campus accommodation. The bathrooms will be cleaned by the custodians and the laundry services will be provided in the building as well. But if you are not used to sharing a space with others, this can be a bit of an overwhelming experience for you. And it can be quite noisy so it will be hard to find a quiet place to study. There is less privacy compared to accommodations off the campus. There are some university housing that offer single rooms but the majority are shared rooms. Also, the bathrooms are generally shared. The cost of living on the campus can differ according to different universities and sometimes it can be expensive.

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