Pros and Cons of Solar Energy

It might be difficult to think there are any cons to switching to solar energy, but similar to other sources of energy, there are also disadvantages to this sustainable energy especially in the beginning when it was called out for being too expensive for the regular homeowners.

Nevertheless, with technology evolving and progressing daily some of the hurdles faced by solar energy are now outweighed by its advantages. But still, it is recommended that you educate yourself with the pros and cons before you made the choice.

Pros of Solar Energy

Renewable Source

The source of energy for solar power is the sun. Anywhere in the world that is experiencing sunlight, solar power can be used. And since the sun would be around for at least 5 billion more years, it could be used as an endless source of energy, provided we are using efficient commercial solar panels.

Lower Utility Bills

Since there is another source of energy, utility bills would be lower. At first it might not be that obvious but you would see the significant change if you are using your solar system more. Homeowners with solar panels are not 100% reliant on this source of energy and at times they are even receiving payments if the surplus energy they harness from their solar panel is exported to the power grid.

Little to No Maintenance

Solar panels are durable and are usually covered with 20-25 years of warranty and if some parts need to be changed, it would be after 5-10 years of use. When you convert to solar energy you are expected to shell out money for the purchase of the panels and installation but after that, you are only expected to pay minimal for repairs and maintenance.

Cons of Solar Energy


The cost for the solar panels and installation could be very steep. There are various parts and materials that need to be bought for the whole system to function. Although the industry is constantly evolving, manufacturing of the products needed for a solar system could become cheaper in the near future.

Weather Dependent

Since the sun is the major source of energy, the whole system is dependent on the number of hours the sun is out and the panels can receive daylight. On days when it is gloomy and or cloudy, the panels could still be able to convert the scarce daylight but it would be significantly lesser. And of course during the night, the panels are unusable.

Needs A Lot of Space

Solar panels take up space especially if you purchase a lot of panels (more panels, more energy). There are those who place their panels on underutilized land but since not all have the space for it, these panels are usually placed on top of the roof or on open spaces in the roof which ends up taking all the space but could have been used for other purposes.

The pros and cons of solar energy are factors to consider since they are all substantial. To make the decision easier, think about the cons and try and find solution for them. If you can, then these cons are now insignificant.

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