Recovery Steps to Consider After Completing Cancer Treatment

People who complete their cancer treatment may have many issues. They may experience a variety of emotions as well as worry about the future even though their treatments are over.So, if you are such a person or if someone close to you is a former cancer patient, these details will be helpful for you to understand such issues and find solutions.

Medical Concerns

Most patients who have completed active therapy often feel anxious and unsettled because of the uncertain future. This happens because patients might worry about the cancer could return and they might not be able to diagnose the symptoms early. Many cancer patients suffer from various symptoms even after the treatments are over such as fatigue, sleeping difficulties, memory problems, pain and tingling from neuropathy and emotional distress making them feel comfortable about their future. They often want to know the symptoms that could arise in case the cancer returns to identify it as early as possible.

Emotional Concerns of Patients

Emotional concerns often include the worries about recurrence of the cancer, identity in the future, dying young without having to do things they hoped for. One’s body goes through a lot during cancer treatments so getting used to that body will be hard for the patients. This will result poor body image and low self-esteem. Therefore, it is very important to help them learn to accept their new body and be comfortable with it.

Coping with The Concerns

Identifying the fears and concerns is the first step and then a method has to be found in order to solve them. For that, proper information and education about possible issues have to be provided. It is better to share one’s worries and concerns with their loved ones. Else, participating in a support group will also help cope with it by sharing and understanding each other’s concerns. One can also seek professional help to relief in such situations. It is totally normal to have such concerns and it is important to feel supported throughout this journey.

Concerns of The Patient’s Family, Friends and Caregivers

Cancer does not just affect the patient but also all the loved ones. Family and friends may also need help to cope up with the situation. Caregivers may also need emotional support during this journey because caregivers are the ones that deal with the patient 24/7.

Finals Doctor’s Appointments

During the final few appointments, it is important to discuss with the patient about the aftercare once the cancer treatments are over in order to help them get back on track.Making them understand about the symptoms that will continue to be there for some time after treatments, ways of managing such side effects, maintaining health and providing referrals for aftercare support services will be very helpful to the patient.

It is important to identify and understand that many cancer survivors feel uncertain about their future. Therefore, we must listen to them and assist them throughout the journey assuring they are not alone.

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