Things we didn’t know, which makes us sick

Little did we know that the house we live can be responsible for the health related problems we have. There can be different factors of the house effecting the health of the people living it in. Factors like the way the house is built, how it’s maintained, the type of ventilation, the outdoor environment of the house and so on. Homes’ structural and security factors can make greater hazard for injuries, increase blood lead levels, and exacerbate distinctive conditions. Poor indoor air incredibly contributes to cancers, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and different illnesses. Poor water great can lead to gastrointestinal illness and a variety of exclusive conditions, consisting of neurological outcomes and cancer. Some chemical substances in and around the home can make contributions to acute poisonings and unique toxic effects. All of these troubles are influenced each through the bodily surroundings of the home.

Poor quality of air in the house hold environment can cause various health problems. It can cause symptoms in eyes, nose, and throat and mainly causes respiratory system related disorders. Factors which contribute to low quality in door air are cigarette smoking, burning of wood inside the house or natural gas combustion. These release pollutants to the air polluting the indoor environment. Also insufficient ventilation can lead to the decreased quality of air.

Also the presence on allergens in the house can cause asthma in people who live in these houses. The large amount of people diagnosed with allergic asthma are patients who were exposed to allergens in their household environment. These allergens can be due to close contact with pet or due a pest infestation in the house. Allergens of mice and cockroach can be a greater cause. Also the moulds which grow on damp areas most oftenly cause allergic asthma. The allergen should be removed to treat these type of people. For example for a person with mould allergy, mould removal will be the first step of treatment.

Various gastrointestinal tract problems can be observed in people with very bad drinking water system. Water can get contaminated due to different substances. Most common contaminants in water can be nitrates, chlorine and pesticides. There can be pollutants in natural sources of water as well, these contaminants can be arsenic, radon, uranium and so on. Biological contaminants can be bacteria and viruses. For example; E.coli, norovirus and other organisms causing gastrointestinal infection. We should be aware of the source of water we get. It’s best to drink water after boiling, this can improve the quality of water to some extent

Poor conditions of the house many also influence the mental health of the people living in the house. The factors contributing towards this is not enough space, no enough lighting, no enough ventilation and so on. We all consider house as the place we can spend some peaceful time. When these conditions are not so good it can because problems related to mental health too.

It’s important to maintain the household environment and do regular cleaning to improve the quality of life.




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