Birthday Gift Ideas for an Elderly Mom that will Brighten Her Year

Flowers and jewelry are lovely gifts for any ordinary woman, but your mom deserves something a little more special. Here are 5 birthday gift ideas for an elderly mom that will guarantee to brighten the rest of her year.

Throw Her a Party She’ll not Forget

Throwing her a party on her birthday is nothing out of the ordinary; especially if you do so every year. But pay attention; have her friends been invited for the last few parties? In most cases, friends get left behind in favor of family. Make a change this time around.

Throw a party for just her and her friends…you’ll see a change, for sure! If you’re not in contact with your mother’s friends, consider doing a little searching online. Thanks to the internet and the many available social media platforms, looking for anyone is a simple task.

Organize the Perfect Vacation

When was the last time your mom took a vacation that was tailored to her interests and desires? There are probably not in a very long time. This is very common with elderly women, as they tend to put the needs of their family before their own.

Organize a holiday, just for her, in a destination she’ll cherish and with activities that make her heart skip. Better yet, consider joining her on this trip and playing along with her in these activities…it’ll make your gift all the more special…!

Play Fairy-God-Mother with Her Wardrobe

As women grow older and settle into their retirement age, they, in general, fall into two categories when it comes to their wardrobe; the one who’s given up fashion for comfort, and the one who still follows a fashion trend that’s a little too uncomfortable for her age. If your mom falls into either of these categories, it might be time you played “makeover” with her.

Take her on a shopping spree and ensure all her clothing suits her age and needs. Go for the chic and comfortable look; reminding her (if she’s forgotten) that she is still a pretty lady. Remember to pay special attention to her shoes, and if you can afford it, consider throwing in a hair makeover as well.

Sign Her Up for a Health Retreat

The human body changes as we grow older and most elderly people don’t really know how to take care of this changing body. A health retreat that is customized for their needs will make a perfect birthday gift, as it’ll not only teach them how to take better care of themselves, but also provide them with the opportunity with befriending like-minded ‘New’ friends. Check out NSW health retreats, especially those catering for the elderly. If you can find one in a scenic area, you’ve found yourself a winner!

Give Her Home an Update

Like we’ve mentioned above, the human body changes as we age. This also means our surrounding has to change with us, in order to make life easy and comfortable for us during our sunset years. In the most sense, it’s almost like preparing a home for a toddler’s arrival. A few examples for changes that you can make are installing motion sensor lights, installing grip bars for toilets…and perhaps even slip-free mats for the bathrooms.

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