Differences Between Vaporizer and Vape Pen

If you are new to vaping, you might have come across a vaporizer and a vape pen. You may have thought what’s the difference between the two? The idea is that all vape pens are vaporizers but not all vaporizers are vaping pens.

Vape pens look like e-cigarettes and slim while vaporizers come in a more robust and significantly larger than pens appearance, although they are still portable. They come in more various styles and shapes (some even look like an asthma inhaler) unlike the vape pens that only come in pen shape and size.

Difference in Design

The size, shape, and appearances of vaporizers and vape pens are not the only tell-tale sign of their difference. A vaporizer is more functional since it has additional features such as fast charging, memory data to the level of temperature that you prefer, or smart capabilities which could be controlled via Bluetooth or an app. If you are not a fan of the bulkier look of a portable vaporizer but you want all the features, you could opt for a Vaporizer Pen instead.

Difference in price

If you are on a budget, a vape pen is more up your alley since they are smaller and sleeker, they are more affordable. Vaporizers on the other hand would require you to pay for more since they have added features.

Difference in Durability

Vaporizers are more durable since they are bigger in size and rigidly built as opposed to vape pens that are smaller and slimmer which could easily break when you accidentally drop them or sat on them. Vaporizers are tougher because of their proportion.

Difference in Maintenance

Since the accessories and parts of a vaporizer are more complex and intricate, cleaning and maintaining them is more difficult and is in need of more time and effort. Cleaning a vape pen is easier since it is smaller and only comprises of the necessary parts to make it work. Vaporizers do not require constant replacement of atomizers which could be more expensive in the long run.

Difference in eJuice

Vape pens work with oils, juices, wax concentrates, and other on-the-go substances whereas vaporizers could vaporize dry herbs as well. If you want a no-fuss vaping device, go for a vape pen but if you prefer a more potent vapor, choose a vaporizer instead.

The difference in Heating System

Vape pens have conduction heating systems because of their sleek and slender design. This system means that the material is heated directly on the atomizer (hence it is constantly being replaced). Vaporizers on the other hand could either have a conduction or convection heating system. The convection system on the other hand works by blowing hot air through a heating chamber instead of it being heated directly. This is the reason why vaporizers produce a purer vapor compared to the vape pen.

When choosing whether vaporizer or vape pen to purchase, you have to consider your budget, how much you would be vaping, how frequent, and which e-juice you prefer.

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