How Tanning Oil Works?

Tanning oils are products that help you get a tan that perfect bronze glow that we all want to have. Tanning has been a fashion trend for a while now and it is done in various ways. Whether it is natural tannin or other sunless bathing methods, tanning oils help you in this process of achieving the perfect skin tone. Therefore, knowing how these products works are always helpful. Read below to find out all you need to know about the process of using tanning oil.

Follow the Right Steps

When tanning whether it is natural tanning or self-tanning the most important thing is to follow the right steps. So, when using tanning oil during natural tanning, it is important to choose an oil with the right SPF value, change positions once in a while, and reapply the oil in every few hours. Of course, most of these do not apply in self-tanning. If you are doing the latter, then you need to exfoliate, dry your skin, apply the tanner in sections and use sunscreen when you go out. Use tanning sheets on your bed in order to ensure your bed won’t stain.

How Do Tanning Oils Work?

Tanning oils are used to get an effective natural tan. The oils work by attracting UV rays and focussing them on the skin when you are outside. As the Ultra Violet rays are more concentrated on the skin, they encourage the skin’s ability to produce more melanin. The more melanin you have on your skin, the tanner you look.

How to Choose the Right SPF Levels?

The sun protection factor or the SPF level in tanning oil is an important thing to be considered when you are using the oils. Attracting more UV rays and accelerating the melanin production rate means your skin needs more protection from the UV rays. So, when buying tanning oils make sure to opt for ones with more SPF levels. Usually, SPF 15 or higher can help you avoid dry, irritated or red skin. Using tanning oil that does not have sun protection can be very dangerous on the skin.

Applying Tanning Oils

Before tanning, get the adequate amount of oil into your hand and apply gently ad evenly on the areas you want to tan. Be especially gently if you are to use them on more sensitive areas like your face. Applying the oil on the entire body is recommended most of the time as this helps you to get a more even tan.


If you are active outside or spend a lot of time in the sun, then you need to keep reapplying the oil. When you are active and sweat a lot, this means you will have to reapply the oil every two hours. But if you don’t want to risk over tanning or tan quickly, then using the oil once in every 3-5 hours is ok. Make sure you do not overuse your tanning oil. Over application can be a cause for several skin conditions like acne or allergies.

Make sure you follow the right steps when you are tanning. Natural tanning will not go the way you want if you are not careful. If you are not a fan of natural tanning, you can always opt for self-tanning. All you need is the right supplies and a little bit of trust in yourself.

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