How to Buy the Right Parts for Your Motorcycle?

If you are looking for motorbike parts, you need to consider the quality of the parts, where you are buying from and the price. There are OEM or original equipment manufacturer parts that are made by the company that manufactures the vehicle. There are also aftermarket parts that are produced by a different company but will be compatible with a variety of models and makes. However, you may not get the same fit with OEM and aftermarket parts.

You don’t necessarily need to purchase OEM motorcycle parts every time. To understand when to choose one or the other, you need to consider whether you want the same performance of the part that is to be removed or whether you want a change in performance. OEM will give you the same performance while you have a degree of flexibility with aftermarket parts. You need to make sure OEM parts are used for collision repairs to ensure that the correct crumple zones are there. But when it comes to insurance companies, they will prefer the cheaper aftermarket parts and you may need to pay an additional fee for OEM parts. Aftermarket parts can change the performance of the bike and this is a positive aspect. You can consider it an upgrade.

It is best to have a good mechanic so they can inform you of the fitment of the parts. It can take you hours of research to find out about the installation and fit of new parts. If you have a brand new model motorbike, you will not be able to find aftermarket parts. They will only start becoming widely available after about a year or more from the release date. When looking for parts, you may have seen the term ‘universal’ used quite often. This ensures that the part can fit almost anything. But you need to make sure if it actually works with your bike or whether it will need some modifications for a good fit. There are also certain parts that are considered universal but will not fit a wide range of bikes. You will need to look through several reviews and community forums to get an idea of this. There will always be some fabrication required to properly install them on the bike.

A common complaint is parts not fitting right. So you need to carry out a lot of research and get some sound advice from your mechanic when ordering parts. There are many online stores where you can order bike parts. But make sure to check their reputation and the quality of the items they carry. It is important to check returns and refund information in case the part doesn’t work or if it arrives damaged. You will find that some aftermarket parts don’t work properly with others.

So it is always best to look at how others have got around the same problem. When it comes to improvements or upgrades, you will find that some aftermarket parts only work with some specific others. You need to check whether what you are buying is compatible with what you already have.