How to Find the Right Fish Finder?

Modern-day fishing has improved a lot with the development of science and technology. So, you do not have to wander around wasting your time trying to find a good spot for fishing. For that now you can simply use a fish finder. Basically, it will help you to detect fish under the boat at the time of reading. Fishfinders are also capable of checking depth, structure, fish locations, speed, and temperature. So here are some tips for you to choose a good fish finder.


When considering the power of the fish finders, the higher wattage ones are the more efficient and powerful. Low wattage will cause slow readouts which will lead to the delayed reaction. These low wattage finders tend to give a reading of the spots you already travelled over. You have to keep in mind that the less power you will need if you fish in shallow water and go for the most powerful unit you can afford when going fishing in the deep sea.

Screen Pixels

A number of pixels in the fish finder screen is very important for you to get a clear reading because the greater number of pixel screens will provide better pictures. At least a minimum number of pixels such as 240V x 160H must be present in a fish finder screen. A screen with less pixels than that amount means that it is outdated. It is better of you can start searching for a fish finder with a screen staring from 240 x 240 pixels and move higher.


The transducer is what sends sound waves to find out what is under the water. You have to consider the cone angle when dealing with transducers. You will be able to get a large area covered if the cone angle of your transducer is wider. You can get a large view of what’s underwater. A transducer with a 20-degree cone is known to be the perfect point to start if you are fishing in various depths of water. You also have to consider the frequency of the transducers. Higher frequencies work best in shallow waters but if you are fishing in deep waters, you have to get a transducer with a lower frequency.

Fixed or Portable Fish Finder

You now have the option to choose a fish finder that will be affixed to your boat permanently or a one that can be taken to anywhere even without the boat. If you are planning on going fishing as a hobby renting a boat, a portable fish finder is the best option for you. You can search as a portable fish finder Australia to help you out find a good portable fish finder. You can also choose a portable one with GPS technology which will become handy and useful in many ways during your journey.

Consider these factors and research more into the features of fish finders to find the best fish finder which will meet all your requirements. Don’t rush into buying one without checking the above factors and you will not regret your purchase.

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