Introduction to Coffee Pods

Coffee pods are a great eco-friendly alternative for coffee aficionados. The coffee pods are also called capsules and they come in a special packaging that is very similar to teabags. Each coffee pod will have a pre-measured amount of coffee to make a single serving.

Coffee pods should be used with a coffee machine. But before you purchase coffee pods Melbourne, you need to check whether the pods are compatible with the machine you have. This is because some coffee pods are made to be compatible with only one machine brand. But you will be able to find pods that can be used in any espresso machine as well so you need to read the packaging carefully before you make a purchase. If you are wondering whether you are getting real coffee from coffee pods, the answer is definitely yes. But it will be different from the taste you get from handmade espresso. This is because the coffee pods will not be as fresh as what you make by grinding the coffee right before a cup.

Grinding the beans just before preparation will preserve the flavour of the coffee beans. But as the coffee pods come pre-grounded, you will get a different flavour altogether. This should not put you off coffee pods as manufacturers take every step to ensure freshness from the factory processes to the packaging of the pods. Many coffee pods you can purchase are in airtight packages to preserve their flavour and aroma. All pods are individually packed so opening the larger package will not affect the contents of the pods. Buying pods will give you fresher coffee than using a pack of pre-ground coffee where the coffee is exposed to air.

Coffee pods became popular as they were so easy to use and doesn’t create a big mess for you to clean up. And if you are new to coffee preparation, you don’t need to worry about the amount of coffee you should use for the perfect cup as the pod is already pre-dosed. You can finally say goodbye to the days of spilled coffee grounds over your countertop. The way you use the coffee pods will be determined by the type and model of the coffee machine you have. If you are purchasing a new machine, it is best to inquire whether they are compatible with any coffee pods.

Generally, you will first need to place the mug right below where the coffee comes out and fill the water tank to the maximum. The type of water you use also has an effect on the flavor. You can minimise the mineral buildup by using filtered or distilled water. Make sure that your coffee pod is fitted inside the pod holder of the machine. You can start brewing right after. Depending on the packaging offered for the pod, you can actually recycle the coffee pods. The filter paper that makes up the packaging of some coffee pods can be fully recycled. They can be composted the same way you compost tea bags. But if your coffee pod comes in aluminum packaging, you can recycle it instead.

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