Taking Appropriate Care of Your Horse’s Diet

If you own an equestrian pet, you know how beautiful of a feeling it is. They’re glorious creatures that make for great pets especially when you have space and a housing system to care for them and provide them the best lifestyle.

While horses can be slightly intimidating to deal with initially, all it takes is a few days for you to bond with them and grow a fun and caring relationship. Amongst of variety of things, you need to ensure when you take care of a horse, one of them is their eating and dietary habits. Keep reading to know and learn all about a horse’s diet and favorites.

What Do Horses Eat?

All horse requires appropriate nutrients in order to remain healthy and active. Horses are often known to eat small quantities on an interval basis instead of huge amounts in one go.  All horses need to have fiber, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals in their diet. Here are a few things that horses love to eat and generally must have in their everyday diet.

·         Hay, Pasture or Chaff

These are considered fiber-filled food choices for a horse that’s important in order for their gut to function normally. Eating in large quantities can cause discomfort to the horse and therefore should be fed accordingly with care.

·         Grass

It’s important to ensure that you feed your horse clean and suitable grass. Avoid feeding grass that grows on the unclean ground or contains any sort of mould. Lawn grass is often not suitable for horses and therefore should be avoided as not all grass is considered edible to horses.

·         Grains

Corn and oats are two of the best form of grains for horses as they are rich in fiber and easily digested. Mouldy corn can be poisonous to horses and you should therefore be careful and feed them fresh grains at all times.

·         Treats

It’s no secret that horses love their little treats. Feeding them with the right horse treats can get them nibbling on happily. From carrots and other vegetables to fruits, they love it all. They also love little sugary sweets like peanut butter, graham crackers, etc, and are safe to be given every now and then.

·         Protein Supplement

When it comes to feeding horses their protein supplements, soybeans are the most favored option. This is because they have just the right amount of protein alongside the required amino acids.

What Shouldn’t Horses Eat?

Alongside various edible options, horses also have a list of food items that are best avoided.  A few amongst many other things that you shouldn’t feed horses are things such as vegetables like sprouts, broccoli, etc, moldy and dusty food as mentioned above, any kind of meat, chocolates, etc. Ensure your horse has the best dietary care in order to avoid them falling sick or ill due to poisoning or improper digestion.

Apart from solid food, always make sure that your horse gets plenty of pure and clean water at all times as they cannot go without it.

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