Tips for Using Turmeric in Your Daily Diet

Turmeric has garnered a lot of attention in the western world even though it has been used since the olden days in Asian cuisine and medicine. But there is more research that is carried out now in understanding how this spice can benefit our health in addition to being a flavorful spice.

If you are not familiar with using turmeric powder in dishes, you can always start slow and learn to understand the range of flavor the spice has. This way, you can start to slowly improvise and add it to dishes that you love to give it another dimension. You can use turmeric in food as well as drinks. When we think about breakfast, eggs are a staple in most of our diets. And a good scrambled egg is an essential part of a breakfast. When you are first starting to experiment with this spice, you can start with breakfast. You can add a little bit of powder to the scrambled eggs so that it gives a subtle flavor to it. Also, the distinctive yellow of turmeric will be seen in the eggs as well. It is a great way of bringing something new to a much-loved dish. In addition to scrambled eggs, you can use it in a frittata as well.

You will be able to cook fragrant yellow rice with turmeric. It will elevate your normal rice dish into something fancier. You can also cook Indian biriyani rice that is flavored with many spices. You can always search online for new rice dishes. Many Asian rice dishes use turmeric to flavor the rice and give it a nice golden color. Roasted vegetables are a great dish for lunch or dinner. There is a warmth to the flavor of turmeric and it will perfectly complement root vegetables, potatoes etc. You can add some other spices like cumin as well to give it a different flavor profile so that you can enjoy your normal roasted vegetable dish in a whole new way. In addition to roasted vegetables, you can try turmeric with green leaves as well such as cabbage and kale.

Soups are very versatile and there are so many things that you can do with them. You can purchase a bottle of turmeric spice and use some powder in your regular vegetable or chicken soup recipe. This can give additional warmth to the soup and it can create a beautiful-looking dish as well. Pumpkin soup is another dish that can be spiced this way. Once you try it with one type of soup, you will understand how the flavor works and you will be able to improvise it in other soups as well.

This is a great way of introducing this spice to your children. Another drink that you can add turmeric to is smoothie. If you are used to making a green juice or a healthy smoothie for breakfast, you can add a pinch of turmeric and ground spice. This can give freshness to your morning smoothie.

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