Top 5 vintage clock designs

Top 5 Vintage Clock Designs

The market of vintage clocks has flourished over the past few years. The main reason for the growth of this industry can be the massive range of unique designs available here. The designs are not just limited to the traditional wall clocks but you can also find the table clocks as well as the side hanging clocks. There are plenty of other unique and artistic clock designs that can bring a staggering look to your home.


You can simply find a wide range of vintage clocks at Tick Tock Clocks. In this article, we’ll just talk about the top 5 vintage clock designs. And we are sure that you’d be able to choose the most suitable clock for your home. So, let’s take a look at the top 5 vintage clock designs.


Retro American Country Bicycle Clock

Top 5 Vintage Clock Designs

It’s a unique and definitely one of the best vintage clocks for your home. The clock consists of a bicycle design where the clock is designed on the bigger wheel. The small wheel and the handle of the bicycle are supposed to provide additional support to the clock. We recommend using this clock in your kid’s room. But there is nothing wrong if you want to add it to your living room or bedroom. You can even change the color of the frame if the original color doesn’t match your room’s design.


Circular Vintage Retro Roman Clock


This wall clock consists of two different circles. The outer circle displays the roman style numbers while the inner circle is divided into 4 quarters. This antique style wall clock is the perfect option for your living room. You can use this clock for as long as you want because it’s made of metal.


Family first vintage Owls

This wall clock comes with 5 owl images printed on its cover. The owls are displayed sitting on a branch of the tree. And the needles are also shaped differently to add a unique look to the clock.


Vintage Grand Central Terminal Side Hanging Clock


This wall clock comes with a side handle that can be used to hang the clock to the wall. This clock needs to be hanged at a corner as it won’t look perfect if hanged in the middle of the room.


Soledi Retro Gear CL-03 Clock


This wall clock consists of the parts that are used to operate the clock. These parts are just added for the decoration purpose and they won’t participate in operating the clock. But they will add a unique look to the clock and your room as well.

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