What to Give Someone Moving into a New Home?

House warming gifts are known to be useful; it could be someone moving into the house near you, starting a family, or even moving away from home. Therefore, whatever gift you decide to give has to be not only being sentimental but also useful. There are many ideas of what you can give someone as a house-warming gift.

If you know the person well then you will be able to give them something personalized however if it is someone who is moving away your gift has to be something that easy to carry. So, if you are straining your brain thinking of possible ideas, we got a list that could be quite useful for you. These items are diverse and fit anyone’s criteria, they are easy to find making them that much easier to purchase in person or online.

Kitchen Equipment

When you move in it is quite common to only move in with the bare minimum. In terms of kitchen equipment, a couple of pans, a microwave if you are lucky and just the essentials are required when starting off. Therefore, the best way to contribute to this is by gifting them something that they could use in their kitchen. A hot plate, coffee machine, rice cooker, or toasters are some of the best options as they are required and will definitely come in handy to whoever it is.


No one moves in with a multitude of linen unless of course you love them and tend to collect different items. One of the most treasured gifts that anyone whether moving in or not would love to get a soft, high-quality bed sheet. Check out Sheridan sheets for high-quality sheets that are going to be a treat to receive. They come in different styles, colors, and textures so you will get one to fit your criteria.

Things to Keep Around

Ornaments can be sentimental when given with reason. If you know the type of ornaments or style the person prefers getting them something to fit their vibe or home can be quite a great idea. However, you can also gift their essential items such as cutlery and crockery, trays and tableware, cushion covers, or even a rug.

This type of gift is usually to add color or practicality to a home. If this person likes ships you can gift them a ship steering wheel to mount up. It can be anything you prefer but have to have a reason behind it as random ornaments usually end up in cupboards or boxes never to be used again.


This might seem a bit of a boring gift but if you are genuinely unsure about what to gift them, vouchers are not the worst idea. In fact, we highly recommend it. This way whoever it is able to purchase anything they like depending on their need and want. This is usually a great idea when it comes to home and kitchen appliances as this varies between people.

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