Tips for Customising Timber Doors in Your Home

Timber doors are a classic addition to any home and they bring so much character and warmth with them. There are many ways to customise them so that they suit your home aesthetic and we have given some times in the article below.

The first thing you need to do when obtaining custom timber doors Melbourne is choose the right type of timber. Depending on the wood species, the colours, grains and characteristics of the timber changes and this will have an impact on the overall aesthetic of the home. So you have to consider what suits your home design and interior along with the level of durability you expect. Some popular timber choices for doors are maple, oak, mahogany and cherry. You can also tailor the dimensions of the door so that they fit the specific openings in your home perfectly. If you have non-standard openings, this is essential. You can ask the door manufacturer to visit the home so that they can take accurate measurements. By having a custom sized door, you don’t need to worry about modifying it to suit the opening or add fillers. If you have larger openings you can have double doors or French doors so that it gives the impression of openness.

There are also different door styles available.

There are contemporary door designs as well as classic panel doors. You need to consider what suits your home architecture and interior décor when choosing the design. You can choose a modern design that comes with clean lines for a contemporary home or a traditional panel door in a classic home. This will have a big impact on your home aesthetic. The hardware is another important component. You can customise the hinges, door handles and knobs so that it coordinates perfectly with the overall design of the home. You can choose modern stainless steel for a sleek look or for a traditional home you can look into antique brass hardware or intricate wrought iron. This will be a decorative element that is also highly functional.

Decorative glass inserts

Can be added to timber doors and you can choose from frosted design, stained glass etc. There are many intricate patterns to choose from. You can also choose a more minimalized glass panel. This will allow more natural light into the space and it is a great way to brighten up gloomy interior spaces. You can use this for interior doors only if you are worried about the security element. The different patterns and designs can add a personal touch to your home design. The craftsmanship of the timber door can be elevated by adding custom carvings or you can also have inlays. You can have geometric patterns or intricate motifs on the door. You can even have personalised monograms. This will make for a unique element in your home. There is a lot of customisation that can be achieved with the stains and finishes you choose. You can showcase the natural beauty of wood using clear finish or you can stain the wood so that it matches the colour tone of your existing woodwork.