How Floral Chandeliers Can Transform Your Wedding Venue

Couples go over every detail of their wedding months in advance to ensure that everything is in order. The wedding décor has a big impact on the venue mood and ambience. And in this article, we are focusing on floral chandeliers and how they can add to the beauty of your special day.

A flower chandelier will become an attractive focal point at the venue. These can be suspended from overhead structures and the ceiling and this can be hung where you have your repletion or in areas where important activities will take place. There are so many types of floral chandeliers and they can be made with silk blooms, fresh flowers or a combination of both these options. These will add a touch of romance to the venue and this can help create lasting memories. There is elegance and beauty in floral chandeliers given their exquisite craftsmanship. Custom floral chandeliers are created so that they suit your wedding theme, personal style and colour scheme. You can choose cascading blooms in soft pastels or chandeliers with lush greenery that is dotted with delicate blooms. There are endless possibilities for these and you can create so breathtaking arrangements that will be photographed beautifully. You can have floral chandeliers in any event and it can elevate the event and add an element of sophistication and elegance.

These are highly versatile and customisable

So that you can actually adapt them to any space or venue. You can look for companies that rent floral chandeliers as well and they will have so many options for you to choose from. For example, you can use these in an outdoor or indoor wedding. You can have an expansive floral chandelier in a grand ballroom reception that will take up the focus of the room or have it in an intimate garden ceremony as an ethereal floating element. You have to consider the size and style if the venue when customising the scale. The scale of the floral chandelier should fit the size of the venue so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space or look too small to make an impact. You can add so many different blooms and foliage to this so that it aligns with your wedding theme perfectly.

The ambience of your wedding venue

Will have a big impact on the mood and atmosphere of the wedding celebration. And you can add warmth, romance and charm to the venue with a beautifully crafted floral chandelier. This will create a magical atmosphere for your special day and it will impress the guests as well. The natural beauty of flower combined with the soft lighting can create a mesmerising effect and this can evoke feelings of love and celebration. You can have this suspended above the dance floor, ceremony altar or the sweetheart table so that romance can be the highlight of the day. You can also add personalised touches such as symbolic blooms and favourite flowers. You can also add wedding dates, initials and monograms into the floral chandelier design.