Process of Importing Japanese Cars through an Importer

Importing a car from Japan can be quite exciting but you need to understand what the process entails. In this article, we are focusing on the process you will go through when importing through a company that specialises in this.

You can visit

The official website of the company that will explain how to import a car from Japan. You can also reach out to the company to understand more about the process. There will be a selection of cars available through the importer and you can browse through a range of options there. There are JDMs or Japanese Domestic Market models you can choose as well as modern vehicles that come with advanced features. There will generally be an online platform that you can use to go through the inventory of the importer and look for specific makes and models. You can also reach out to the importer to ask for a recommendation based on the purpose for importing the car. It is important to set a budget for your vehicle. In addition to covering the purchase price of the car, the budget will also include taxes, import duties, shipping costs and compliance expenses. You can work with the importer to understand the total cost involved when it comes to bringing your desired vehicle.

Once you have researched a potential vehicle

And identified what you want with the budget in mind, you can reach out to the importer. The team at the importing company will guide you through this process and clarify any concerns or questions you have. They will help you in sourcing the vehicle and acquiring it. There is a process that goes behind the scenes as well. The importer’s team in Japan will attend the vehicle auctions on your behalf. At these auctions, they will inspect the vehicles and provide you with information and photos to help you make an informed decision on the purchase. There is a competitive auction environment that takes place in Japan and this will be navigated by the team in Japan ensuring that they choose and bid on a car that meets your requirements and preferences. After the purchase, the vehicle will need to come across the ocean and reach your country. The shipping time will vary according to your destination.


All imported cars will undergo quarantine once they arrive at the country which can further extend the time for delivery. This will ensure compliance with government regulations. This quarantine is done to make sure that pests or diseases are not introduced to the country. There is also compliance testing the imported car should undergo to ensure that it meets compliance according to the requirements of your country’s standards. This will involve a comprehensive inspection and testing so that safety and environmental standards can be verified. You can register the vehicle once compliance is achieved so that you can legally drive on the roads. After the completion of compliance, you will be able to collect the car which can be picked up from the location of the compliance team. Or if you prefer, the vehicle can be delivered to a preferred address.