How to Choose an Executive Coach for Workplace Teams

There are many challenges that workplace teams have to face today due to the competitiveness of the business world. For example, there can be leadership gaps or miscommunication issues. These should be resolved so that the team can maximise their performance.

You can choose an executive coach like Robert Brennan to provide guidance to the teams in order to achieve their goals. However, before you start researching executive coaches, you should first consider the goals for the coaching engagement. There may be certain areas that your team can benefit from such as improving communication and collaboration. Maybe leadership skills to be improved. By having a good idea of what you expect to achieve at the end of the coaching period, you can select an executive coach with the right experience and expertise so that they can address the unique requirements of the team. Consider the credentials and experience of the executive coach. You can visit their official website to get an idea of their qualifications. Check whether they have undergone formal training from reputed coaching organisations. You can also consider the professional background of the coach and whether they have relevant experience in the field to provide insight into your organisation.

You need to understand the coaching approach

And assess whether this aligns with the values and culture of your organisation. You need to look for executive coaches that focus on respect for diversity, integrity and empathy. Check whether the coaching style and method aligns with the communication style of your team and their values. It is easier to work with a coach that shares common values as they will easily be able to establish trust with the team members. You also have to consider the coaching methodologies used by them and whether they align with the learning styles of the team. Some will have specific coaching styles such as emotional intelligence coaching, team dynamics coaching, strength based coaching etc. Some will have a more holistic approach to undertaking where they tailor the approach according to the goals of the team. You need to discuss what the learning objectives are and select an executive coach that is able to provide an experience to the team that can achieve tangible results at the end of it.

It is important to consider the compatibility between the team members and the coach.

To get an idea of this, you can have an initial consultation with potential coaches so that you can experience their communication style and interpersonal skills first-hand. This will give you an idea whether they are able to establish a rapport with the team members. Some of the factors to consider in this initial consultation are their personality, cultural sensitivity and emotional intelligence. You can also ask them to provide you with references and so that you can follow up on it and ask previous clients about the coaching experience and how the coach was able to address certain challenges of their organisation.