Where Should You Hang Your Pendant Lights?

Consulting a professional on where should you hang your pendant lights is still the best option, especially if you are living in an older building where the conditions of the wiring may be a concern. But not everyone could afford it though. The next best thing is to do your research and find an inspiration from the thousands of articles and blogs posts in the Internet.

In addition, the weight of the lamp and mounting plates must be carefully addressed to ensure that sufficient hardware is available to secure the lamp to the ceiling. Make sure you stick to the prescribed wattages from the manufacturer. Overheating can occur as a result of overamping, potentially shattering glass. Now that the basic has been covered, where should pendant lights be hung?

Over a kitchen island

Pendant lights are usually hung over a kitchen island. With the range of industrial pendant lights, you will not have a hard time finding something to your liking. There are pendant lights made out of glass, metals, etc. Pendant lights are usually hung in multiples but you have to think about the size of your kitchen island.

The lights must not overpower or underwhelm. For example, a single four-inch pendant would appear to be too little and insufficiently bright. However, if your kitchen island is small, hanging multiple 75 inches in width pendant lights would be too overwhelming.

Over a dining table

Pendant lights are also hung over a dining table. The possibilities are endless and if you have an existing them or motif, you would not have a hard time finding pendant lights that are appropriate. Similar to the size of your kitchen island, take into consideration as well the length of the dining table.

Odd numbered pendant lights are more attractive to the eye so it is better to hang three or five pendant lights. To make it more interesting, stagger the heights of the lights. Just make sure that your head or your frequent guests’ head doesn’t hit the lights.

Over a coffee table

When hanging a pendant light over a coffee table, the main purpose is to set the mood. It is usually set for romantic or dreamy lighting. A single bulb pendant light in a simple design would already be appropriate, especially if it is hung low over the middle of the table.

But if you prefer your pendant light to be hung a bit higher, choose a cluster of medium-sized pendants in varied heights for added effect. Just make sure that you are choosing a bulb that emits softer light to still have that relaxed vibe.

Over a sofa

Hanging a pendant light in the living room could be tricky since you don’t know which type of lighting you want to have in the living room that could be used to entertain guests which means it need to be well lit or another place to have a romantic evening with your partner while sipping wine and cuddling, which means the lighting should match the mood. This dilemma could be solved by hanging a pendant light to one side of a sofa and having various sources of light if you need the living room to be well lit.

Before you buy any pendant light, make sure that you have the dimensions of tables and sofas so you can scale them properly. Make sure as well that you turn on the pendant lights while in the store to have a better idea on how it would look like illuminated.

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