Items that can be Transported in a Refrigerated Truck

Refrigerated trucks are very useful for certain industries and if you are a business owner with a medium or large scale company, you can benefit a lot from purchasing a refrigerated truck especially if you are making frequent deliveries. For smaller companies that handle smaller purchases, a refrigerated van may be the best suited for the job.

Whether you are purchasing or renting commercial refrigerated trucks, you need to understand what type of items can be transported in them and how long they can be kept fresh. Food is a common item that is transported through refrigerated trucks and perishable food will top the list. Certain types of food will need specific temperature levels or ranges to ensure that no spoilage occurs. By maintaining that specific temperature, you will be able to deliver the items in good condition to the end consumer. Depending on the type of refrigerated truck, you will be able to have different compartments where different temperatures can be regulated allowing you to transport more than one type of food. In addition to food, there are many beverages that are transported this way, especially dairy and wine products that need to be stored at a certain temperature.

There are items that are susceptible to heat such as candles that will require refrigerated transportation. This will preserve their shape and quality. It doesn’t need to be a very low temperature but there has to be a consistent temperature maintained to ensure that the structure of the candle is preserved. Pharmaceuticals need to be stored at certain temperatures as well to ensure their efficacy. One such example is vaccines. You may have heard how certain covid vaccine types require very low temperatures to maintain their efficacy. There are also delivery companies that provide refrigerated trailers that you can hire. You need to make sure that the company chosen has a good reputation and that they keep their trailers in good repair. Cosmetics and other personal care products should be kept at certain temperatures as well. For example, lipstick can melt in hot temperatures.

Flowers need to be transported in a temperature controlled environment. If not stored at the right temperature, flowers can wilt and will not remain fresh when they reach the destination. Certain chemicals will require refrigerated transport. When transporting chemicals and solvents in bulk, you need to make sure that a refrigerated truck is used so that their condition is preserved. And if you are a supplier of chewing gum, this required refrigerated transport as well because the varying temperature during the transport can cause it to deform spoiling the entire batch. Paint should also be shipped this way to maintain its quality. There are also certain hazardous materials that are toxic, acidic, flammable etc. that will need to be stored in exactly the right condition to ensure they don’t cause damage. Tobacco products such as cigarettes can spoil in extreme heat or humid conditions. Sometimes antiques and fine art are shipped in controlled humidity and temperature conditions.