Tips for Seniors on Taking Care of Feet

Healthy feet contribute greatly to the mobility of seniors. There are different foot conditions that can arise as you get older and if left untreated, can affect your mobility considerably. Feet take a lot of wear and tear and this will increase with age. So you need to carry out the proper foot care in order to maintain their condition.

Something that happens with age is that feet can become flattened. The shape of the feet can change and it can actually widen. Even simple injuries can have serious consequences. Some of the conditions that seniors may experience are sprains, ingrown toenails, neuropathy, foot fractures, blisters etc. Regular visits to podiatry Malvern will ensure that the health of your feet is evaluated by a certified podiatrist. They will recommend exercises that you can do which will strengthen the feet. You can also do foot massages to promote circulation in the feet. You need to keep your feet clean as good hygiene will help you avoid bacterial and fungal infections. You need to dry in between your toes as this is an area where fungal infections can thrive. You can simply use a washcloth with soap and warm water to wipe down your feet before you go to sleep. This will help you sleep better as it can help relax you.

Proper nail care is a must as overgrown nails can impede walking. You need to cut straight when you are trimming nails. If you find it difficult to bend down or manoeuvre, you can visit a local nail care clinic to obtain the appropriate care. You can also ask the local podiatry clinic whether they offer these kinds of services. Moisturising is important to prevent cracking and dryness of feet. You can ask your podiatrist to recommend a foot lotion that can be applied to seal in the moisture. You can wear cotton socks that are breathable and allow your feet to relax. Keeping toenails trimmed is another important element of foot care. If they get overgrown, it can cause pain or interfere with stable walking.

For adults who are mostly bedridden, sores on the heels of feet can be a common occurrence. To prevent this from happening, you need to prop the ankle up to suspend the feet in midair. This condition can be life-threatening if developed. When you visit a podiatry clinic, you can get advice on what footwear to use. Improper fitting shoes can cause blisters and it can affect your comfort level when walking. Whenever there is a foot condition like corns, calluses and bunions, it is best to get it checked by a podiatrist so that you can avoid infections later on. There are many preventative actions you can take to keep your feet healthy like wearing orthotics. Whenever there is pain, a thorough evaluation by a doctor is essential to rule out any complications. By educating yourself on proper foot care and signs to watch out for, you can take preventative action early on to preserve your quality of life.

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