Partial truths of orthodontics that keep you away from better options

There’s nothing worse than being brainwashed with false information. In tracking them to the source, you’d see how the originators themselves nothing have to do with the matter. But the myths and misconceptions we’re going to talk about are so cunningly misinterpreted; in fact, you could say they’re partially true. However, these misconceptions also stop you from getting the better and true option.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

They’re extremely painful

Aligning wear is a form of reconstructive dentistry – that’s why they fall under the category of orthodontics. In fact, braces also fall in the same category. Braces are painful during the installation and definitely when you live your life with them.

But what would happen when it comes to Invisalign? This is a type of aligning wearable that doesn’t hurt at any instance and gets the job done in the best way.

Only a limited number of conditions can be cured

Understanding dental basics are the best approach to this question. Restoration is different from the reconstruction. Think of the two methods as two treatment styles that are in two different treatment contexts.

For example, although head bleedings and a headache happen in the same area, the methods aren’t interchanged. Although the conditions that braces can cure might be limited, orthodontic wear such as Invisalign can do wonders, making this statement another partial truth.

Options aren’t that different from each other

If you went with braces or any other form of braces, then the options won’t be quite different from each other based on a very technical aspect.

However, you’d see just how different Invisalign is from braces and other non-braces type restoring wearable if you looked up in websites such as because that’s definitely going to give you enough content in favor of these partial truths that would make you realize the superiority of Invisalign.

Used sizes are standardized

The use of standard sizes on braces is a common practice as it’s how it has always been. However, even with immense pain, the alignment of teeth still happens. But when it comes to Invisalign, the wearable is made to the last millimeter. Because of that, not only this becomes a partial truth, but the true side also doesn’t have a negative effect on the objective.

It can get septic with time

When you wear metals in your mouth exposed to the inner lips and the entire mouth as a whole almost all the time, of course, there’s a massive chance for you to end up with bruises, but there’s only a chance that would be there for any septic conditions.

Even that sort of a minute chance for the oral bruises to be septic will be resolved when you choose an option such as Invisalign. After all, how can an extremely smooth and flexible wearable damage your mouth?


We highly recommend that you always talk to a qualified dentist before believing anything dental-related anyone says before believing. Because most of the time, you’d end up losing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities due to partial thoughts that they just don’t care about.

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