Top reasons why scoring is important in sourdough baking

Sourdoughs are probably one of the most popular and tastiest bakery products that are beloved in the Australian community.

There are many extreme steps in the sourdough baking process and some of them are hidden in the form of less important tasks due to unpopularity; scoring is one of them. In this read, we’re here to tell you all about the top reasons as to why you should score your unbaked dough.

Preserving your liking in baking is important

The more you bake the tasty and good-looking bakery products, the better would be your liking in cooking. Regardless of your gender, cooking is an amazing hobby and even a profession to follow. But what if you had to experience poorly baked sourdoughs with little or no rising with unnecessary bloating?

When you know you made the starter well, mixed the mixture with a whisk but not a spoon, and did everything else right, it can be quite disappointing. If scoring is what keeps you away from self-satisfaction, no one deserves to feel like that since it takes a few minutes to score the dough.

What’s the point of taste with correlating looks?

There’s a reason why all the renowned chefs ensure that whatever they cook, they look absolutely scrumptious and mouthwatering. After all, feeding the eyes is the first step of satisfying a person with a meal. When you use a bread lame to neatly score the dough, you don’t have to worry about the looks at all.

Since the gas is allowed to escape in the best places, the finished dough would have an artistic look. In fact, if you were worrying about why your sourdough isn’t rising, scoring is always going to be one aspect of fixing it.

To confirm the proper rising of the dough

A lot of bakers don’t have that much experience to confirm whether the dough has risen enough. If it was, scoring wouldn’t be hard, and if it’s otherwise, it sends the message on the improperness of the dough.

Achieve better taste too

Scoring helps a better formation of the rise because of the effective removal of the gas inside the dough. When this has been retained for too long in unscored doughs, the mixture absorbs it too much. Hence, not only there will be poor rising, but the taste of the sourdough isn’t also going to be that good either.

Avoid the destructive bloating and patches

Preparing a bakery product like sourdough is different from many. For example, the starter itself needs to be fed a few days, the proofing stage requires a specific type of basket, and there are other unique characteristics. When you fulfill all these characteristics or stages in the appropriate way, the dough will be undergoing severe change inside and over.

When it does, the gas-forming the dough needs to escape. If the score lines weren’t there, they would just pop out of the weakest place forming an unattractive irregularity of patches, and if not for the patches, the sourdough will bloat, instead of rising.

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