Get Your Smile Back- 4 Dental Procedures That Can Help Mend Your Broken Smile

Many of you want to change something in your appearance to look better. Even though certain things like your height cannot be changed, if your teeth look quite flawed, they can certainly be fixed just the way you want.

There could be several reasons why you want to change the appearance of your teeth such as discolored teeth, weirdly shaped teeth, and missing or broken teeth. Mentioned below are some common processes dentists carry out to help fix such flaws in your teeth and help you smile with more confidence than ever.

1.    Teeth Whitening

Your teeth are more prone to discoloration and can get yellow or stained based on your food habits. Tooth whitening is a simple and affordable procedure that can help you get rid of the yellowy stains on your teeth.

Initially, you can attempt to whiten your teeth on your own by investing in some teeth whitening kits that are easily available at medical stores. However, over time it may not produce effective results and also badly impact sensitive areas in your mouth.

Therefore, it is ideal to get your teeth whitened professionally with the help of a dentist. The products used by your dentists can effectively whiten your teeth causing less pain compared to the products sold at medical stores. The whitening procedure can either take place within the dental clinic for instant results or you can choose to follow the process at home with the instructions of your dentist.

2.    Bonding and Crowning

Teeth can be susceptible to chipping depending on how you maintain them and you may end up having broken teeth. To fix this issue, the process of bonding or crowning can be carried out.

Bonding is more suitable to fill small cavities and to cover any gaps between your teeth. This procedure is quite temporary because the substance used for bonding can get stained or wear out with time although it can last for many years.

On the other hand, dental crowns or caps are more apt to fill large cavities as they can cover a tooth completely and restore its original shape. Moreover, dental crowns can strengthen any weak tooth as well. Crowns are generally permanent and with proper care, they can last for several years.

3.    Removable Dentures

This is an easy process often used to replace any missing tooth. Complete dentures can be used by mostly old people who have lost all their teeth. But if you have only a few missing teeth your dentist will recommend you to use a partial denture. Also known as false teeth, dentures can cause discomfort and have to be cleaned daily.

However, they are quite affordable and it is simple to carry out any repairing or replacement on them if necessary.

4.    Braces

While some individuals are having stained, broken, or missing teeth, others may have crooked teeth. The fix to this problem is typically using a set of braces. They do the job of straightening your teeth as well as fixing any jaw problems.

Braces are ideal for dispositional teeth because they are made of metal, ceramic, or plastic brackets with wires passing through them. Therefore, braces enable and force the teeth to move into the right location. The process can last for a few months to a year or two depending on how crooked your teeth are.

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