Things to do before Getting a Job Right after College

College graduates leave the college or university with a diploma in their hands. It’s their passport to a world of wonderful career opportunities. However, there are times that no matter how hard you try, you don’t get the job you’ve been dreaming to have since the competition’s getting tougher each day. But quitting must never be an option. If you fail the first time, get back up. All job hunters make errors at some point. If you’re a fresh graduate who’s on the lookout for employment, find time to read these helpful tips about the things you can do before getting a job.


One of the best ways to find a job is networking. Ask family, friends or college professors if they know someone who can help you find employment. Take time to join different professional communities, too. Create a LinkedIn profile. Upload a professional-looking photo, and make sure to include the school you attended, awards, the list of your skills and experiences, etc. Make a good impression, but see to it that everything’s written on your profile is true.

Establish an Online Presence

Besides your LinkedIn profile, consider establishing online presence by creating your own website. Start with a free platform like WordPress. It’s easy to use. But if you have the means, buying your own domain name will be better.

Submit Your Resume to Reliable Employment Agencies Online

Submit your resume to reliable employment agencies you find online. Make sure to take time to read reviews about the websites you will get to encounter. If you don’t have luck in finding a job that you like just yet, you can start working as a cleaner. Take a look at cleaning recruitment agencies UK if you’re from Europe. It’s always nice to start at least from somewhere.

Spend Time to Volunteer

While helping other people, you can improve your skills by spending time volunteering. You will gain new experiences as well that can help you become a better version of yourself.

Start an Internship

Start an internship as early as possible. Usually, you will take it before you graduate. Apply at companies that have broad brand recognition.

Get a Part-Time Job

While you’re waiting for a job that’s right for you, you can get a part-time job in the meantime. It can help you survive for a few months before you actively go for a full-time option. You can work as an online freelancer and do content writing, data entry or video editing. Also, you can do baby-sitting or painting if you don’t like the idea of staying at your home all day.

Ask Advice

Ask advice from a credible mentor, and you don’t have to look far, as your parents can be your best teacher. You need to talk to someone who has a passion like yours. You can get help from your school, too. Make sure to set an appointment with one of the staff in the career center to discuss your career goals.

Apart from this list, you can take free or paid classes online to further boost your knowledge and skills before you work in the corporate or any industry that you’re interested in.

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