Is choosing the closest school the best choice ever?

Living close to all the best facilities in general truly is a blessing. But it’s just not possible all the time, even if you had all the financial resources. Hence, parents are pushed to choose a school closest to where they live. In this read, we’re going to evaluate this question, dissect it, and present the answer in a more comprehensive way.

Is it the best choice ever?

The short answer is no. But in the long answer, there are several factors and conditions to be considered. For example, there can be occasions when you’re residing close to one of the best schools in the whole of Australia; that’s a special occasion. But on that occasion, the best idea is to enroll your child in that school.

Most of the time, you don’t get to live in closer proximity to the best schools in the country. If the resident address of your family was the reason why your child doesn’t get to go to a better school, that would be quite a shame. Hence, the answer to this question is accommodation.

The suitability of mere accommodation

If you did your research right, you’d see how the properties around schools tend to be available for students. But the problem of suitability arises then. For example, would you really want to leave a grade 6 daughter in a completely foreign property to attend school? You wouldn’t. understanding this very reasonable approach, the best school in the country have invested in boarding facilities within the system. In fact, it’s not an overstatement to say that boarding facilities provided by schools are the most suitable accommodation.

Chances to grow amongst fellow students

Once you enroll your child in one of the best boarding schools brisbane, your child will not be living with a bunch of strangers but with your own friends. If the choice was a girls-only school, it would be quite a solace to know that your daughter was safe at any given time with the boarding management would ensure to provide maximum security.

Growing up amongst fellow children will allow the boarding children to develop social skills much faster and in a very sustainable way. Because the traveling fatigue would be none, the students in boarding facilities would be able to focus more and more on their studies. Because of that, the children would be able to give value for every penny the parents spend.

No chances to break the law

As children grow, their hormones change; so, does the body and the mind. As parents, you might not be able to keep an eye on the children always. But it is the job of the boarding management to ensure that no child breaks the law. Hence, while being away from the home, the children would be growing up with the best discipline because they’re guided to be better students.


The conclusion is that it’s never worth it to settle down for less when there are better schools with boarding facilities in the country, at all.



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