Pros and Cons of Using Coloured Concrete

Find yourself researching about how you could improve the appearance of your home? Or are you planning to sell, and you are thinking of ways how you could add value to your house for it to fetch a heftier price? Look no further because the answer to your problem is two words: coloured concrete.

Before you jump into your car and head over to your trusty hardware store, know first that like a lot of things, there are also pros and cons to using coloured concrete. Being informed of these advantages and disadvantages would make you prepared for the results and could turn these cons into something manageable.


Coloured concrete is an affordable way to decorate and or to renovate your home. Compared to other materials, colouring your concrete is an easy and no-fuss way of adding vibrant colours and interesting patterns to your floor and or walls. The designs are also endless especially if you are creative and you could manage to come up with your designs, making your floors and walls truly unique.

Coloured concrete is also low maintenance and durable, provided you purchase the materials to be used from suppliers that are best in the industry. Make sure that the concrete is installed properly and the colour sealed, to make sure it would not easily fade. Aside from the sealer, inquire also about hardeners which could provide additional protection and to make the concrete resistant to stains.

Coloured concretes also come with environmentally-friendly finishes. They add value to your home and could also be considered an investment if in the future you planned to resell.


Even if coloured concretes are affordable and could easily give an aesthetically pleasing finish to your home’s interior and exterior spaces, it would still require the help of specialized tools and materials. If you are a fan of DIY, it might not be advisable for you to colour the existing concrete on your floors and walls by yourself. To achieve maximum best results, you need to contact a professional. This is added expenditure but at least you would be sure that the result would be what you want and the colours would be protected from easily fading.

If you are also planning on adding more decorative elements such as stamping and patterns (if you are not satisfied with only blocks of colour) the cost would be significantly higher. Concrete floors tend to be cold especially during colder weathers so if you or any of your family members hate the cold, concrete floors might not be the best option for you. Concrete floors that are not properly sealed and maintained is prone to moulding and at risk of cracking.

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Most of the disadvantages of coloured concrete are manageable especially if done properly. Compared to other home renovation methods, coloured concrete is still affordable even if you could not do it yourself and you would still need the help of professional and specialized tools. When you hire a professional, the cons of using coloured concrete would become minimized since they are properly applied and protected.

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