Types of Horse-Riding Apparel You Must Have Before Riding

Riding a horse is a physical sport and could be dangerous if the person doing it is not properly trained and is not wearing appropriate clothing. Since there is the possibility of falling down, protective gears must be worn at all times. Your legs must be covered since chafing against the saddle could happen and wear close toed shoes. Avoid wearing loose clothing or accessories that could get tangled.

If it is your first-time riding, knowing the types of riding apparel you must wear before riding is necessary.

Helmets and Protective Gear

Since we would want to avoid any grave and serious head injuries, riding helmets is essential. When involved in an accident, helmets reduced the impact on collision on our head saving us from any head and or brain injuries.

Body protectors are also ideal since they help shield our bones, internal organs, joints, tailbone, etc. if and when we fall. Body protectors are like armour that absorb the shock from our body when we hit the ground. Wearing appropriate footwear such as Dublin boots with heels to stop your foot from slipping through the safety stirrups is also recommended.

Equestrian Outerwear

Riding pants, riding shirts and belts comprises of equestrian outerwear. Riding pants also called “jodhpurs” are important because they are comfortable and functional. Riding pants could either have knee patch breeches (suede or leather patches on the inside of the knee section of the pants) or full seat breeches (the suede or leather patches covering not only the knee section of the pants but also the inner thigh until the backside area).

Most experienced riders prefer full seat breeches because they tend to cling to the saddle minimizing the possibility of sliding down from the saddle. Riding shirts on the other hand are mostly polo shirts or collared shirts to help protect the nape from the sunlight while belts are mostly worn as a fashion accessory.

Riding Gloves

There are numerous benefits to wearing riding gloves. One, it keeps the rider warm when they are riding during cold weather. When a rider’s hand is cold, they would have a hard time controlling the horse. Riding gloves could also help the rider have a better grip on the reins and to protect the rider’s hand when they mount and groom the horse.

Riding Socks

Wearing the correct riding socks is also essential because with the right riding socks, wearing the riding boots would become more comfortable. The socks are worn for function. Similar to other equestrian outerwear, there are various kinds of riding socks that differ in styles and colours.

Choose socks depending on your riding boots. If your boots are tall, choose socks that could reach up to your knees, that way the socks would cover all the skin and your legs would not chafe. When you wear socks taller than your boots, the sock would not roll down to your heel.

Wearing the proper riding apparel would not only make you look the part of a rider but also would make the experience comfortable.



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