4 Aesthetic Ways to Incorporate Water Elements into Your Home

Although human beings are terrestrial animals, we share a strange attraction towards the water, and being in and around it makes us feel calm and relaxed. Because of this soothing effect water has on us, we tend to include aquatic factors in our homes as well, in an effort to bring some of that outdoorsy bliss inside our homes. We will let you in on a few ingenious ways on how to include water-factors at your house to fill it with life.

1.    Indoor Water Gardens

Your modern interior may have all the artwork hanging from the walls and colorful drapes decorating the whole area. However, as far as relaxation is concerned, you will always be tempted to step outside to get a breath of fresh air when you grow weary of the concrete walls that surround you all day.

How fun would it be to bring a small part of an aquatic environment full of flora and fauna right inside your home in the form of an indoor water garden! You will be surprised by just how much such addition can transform your living space and create the perfect place of Zen for your family and all our guests.

2.    Aquariums

Many homes go for fish tanks and bowls to fill their smaller rooms with some extra life. But aquariums are a step beyond the conventional fish tanks and will need some substantial funding. You can either set these up as decorative items that will occupy a corner of the living room or as a much bigger room divider kind, which will almost look like a living TV screen that stays on 24/7. You can decorate your aquarium with an adequate amount of seashells, aquarium ornaments, and aquatic plants, to make it look like the real thing. Don’t forget to use fish of all shapes, sizes, and colors.

3.    A Water Wall

This is a highly versatile addition that will look great in households with a modern architectural theme as well as in relatively old-style homesteads. While the perpetually flowing streams of water will make the space look vibrant and moving at all times, the drizzling sound will fill the living space with lively energy to keep your family feeling good all the time.

4.    An Indoor Water Spa

Those elegant home spas you only see in movies and the Better Homes and Garden magazine may look super luxe and beyond your reach, however, they are surprisingly easy to build and will be the perfect addition to those of you are in need of a place around the home to experience the true meaning of relaxation.

All you need for this is a mini pool located in a carefully selected place, with an adjustable water heating option, decorative marble or reflecting tiles to line its floor, smoothened stones for the interior, and a wooden or stone boundary around the pool where you can keep all your scented candles, towels, incense sticks and the flowers which you can use to create the perfect therapeutic environment.

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