Best Cargo Storage Drawers for UTEs And 4WD’s

The lockable drawers that you get for your UTE or SUV are usually installed as slide-out drawers and they can also be integrated as tray drawers under the load space that you have. This will give you more safety and security for the vehicle that you have. It will help keep your tools safe along with any other such gear and will also keep it safe from weather and anybody who has got prying fingers so to speak.

They can also bring in a lot of functionality for the vehicle that you have. This is because of the fact that you will be able to keep the gear stored away from each other neatly. They are also rather easy to use and access. So, if you have been thinking about the best drawers that you would like to get in for your UTE or SUV, we have a small guide here that will be useful to you. Read through and pick your options.

Better built

You can use this in any kind of truck and the product is made of aluminum. If you search for buy UTE drawers online, this is sure to turn up. The dimensions usually measure 23” W x 55” L x 10 ½” H and they come with a lockable chrome handle. They are heavy duty and also have a double-sided carpet and, or a rubber mat. They have a silver powder coat and are done with smooth finished edges. The pricing will usually come at around $682.


The price of this would usually fall within $870 and $1491 with a single drawer feature. They can come with one or up to four compartments based on the model that they have been designed to and they also have a single handle.

They feature a one push-button lock and has a load rating of 500 lbs on top. The drawer load rating would be 350 lbs and there are 9 -16 dividers in this, again, based on the model. The drawers are made of aluminum and the dimensions usually measure at 20″ W x 9.5″ H x 48″ L up to 40” W x 12” H x 48” L, where you can use them in a truck as well. The part number or the model would be a bed safe.


Can ideally be used in a truck and will come as cargo lockers for the vehicle. It is made of aluminum again and has about 2000 lbs top load capacity. The drawer load capacity would be about 600 lbs each and about 80% extension is offered. With an aluminum frame and composite deck construction, they also have drawers that are as deep as 9 or 12 inches.

They feature a turn-key dual latching locking system and have a divider standard that is 1 long and 1 wide drawer. It is stain-resistant and also mildew resistant and the size and pricing of this is usually $2000 or up but will change based on the application of it and the options that you need.

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