Three Common Problems in New Babies and Helpful Tips for Moms

If your little bub is having trouble and problems of different kinds, do not fret or ‘lose it’ because it is completely normal. Facing some of the challenges could make you feel as though you and your kids are abnormal, but, you’re definitely not! You are not alone in these struggles – there is absolutely no doubt about it!

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Colic is a condition many babies tend to develop when they are born. It is a pain in the tummy that is believed to be caused due to excessive gas. The cause for colic could be many, and in most cases is quite difficult to prevent or get rid of completely with intervention. However, with time, it is likely to settle down, by about 6 to 9 months of age.

Even though you may not be able to do miracles, there are still a few tips that many moms claim to have helped by bringing some relief. Certain practices, like holding your baby in the upright position even after her burps, or even increasing her tummy time could help relieve pain. It’s also important to make sure she latches well during her feeds.

In addition, you may also want to try a few helpful products, like anti colic bottles and bottle nipples, and anti-colic pacifiers to calm the little one down during painful episodes. These have proven to be quite helpful tips for moms who have babies suffering from the condition.

Skin Trouble

Many babies are born with sensitivities and intolerances. It is no surprise that some of them could have skin allergies, because they certainly are incredibly gentle, soft and sensitive for the first couple of months. If your baby tends to have extremely sensitive skin, and you think her clothing and bedding could be a reason that irritates her skin, you could switch to clothing and bedding made of natural, organic fibres.

These fabrics are extremely friendly and safe on all types of skin, and offer unbelievable levels of comfort. They are also great in quality overall, and are highly durable, which means you could wash and dry them any number of times without worrying about damage or wear outs.

In addition to clothing, you may also want to consider switching to high quality, super gentle bath and skin care products. You should be able to find a range of safe baby essentials at reputed baby stores. Natural and organic products are usually well tolerated by all skin types. If you cannot find the ideal types, you could try looking for them and shopping online. If you get lucky, you may be able to get yourself some great deals.

Sleep Trouble

If your baby is a very poor sleeper, it could be for many reasons, which again, is quite normal to a great extent. Once again, colic could be a major hindrance to rest and sleep in the newborn stages. Before you think of getting serious professional help, you may want to try little tricks like swinging and rocking your bub gently, swaddling her up, using soothing music, and giving her warm baths.

There are high quality and comfortable, cradles and rockers that you may want to try out. Pacifiers are great sleep assisters, too. Additionally, you may want to check if your baby’s beddings and blankets are causing any discomfort or irritation.

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